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Clean Clear Waters

Wisconsin lakes are the jewels of our state. A key challenge to protecting and enhancing our waters is better management of stormwater runoff. Runoff causes soil erosion and can contain contaminants like motor oils and grease, pesticides, fertilizers and de-icing salt that are harmful to waterways. Each of us can play an important role improving our lakes by implementing the best practices in our landscaping, lawn care and related efforts to reduce run-off and become better environmental stewards. By following some simple guidelines, you can add to the enjoyment of your property, increase its value and help preserve our lakes for future generations.

WEI publishes articles and op-eds on clean water strategies, including the use of green infrastructure and green urbanism and prepared a Clean Clear Waters Checklist to highlight the role builders and developers can play in erosion control, landscape conservation and stormwater management to protect our waters.

Click here to check out the Wisconsin State Journal article on the launch of Clean Clear Waters Challenge, held at the first certified home!

Legislative meddling leads to irresponsible development that degrades our waters and economy.

WEI Executive Director John Imes published a guest column in The Cap Times, The Daily Reporter and to raise concerns about efforts in the Legislature to roll back and limit control and responsible management of our lakes and shorelands.

News Archive

Green Options for Stormwater Recycling (click on image to read PDF)
Homeowners, leading developers and communities are increasingly turning to these natural drainage systems to capture and reuse stormwater before it enters the waterways.



Clean Water Strategies
The renewed focus on the quality of our lakes, streams and drinking water should cause us to rethink the traditional and prescriptive-driven solutions of the past, and examine innovative strategies and policies that can help clean our waters. Fortunately, the use of green infrastructure, environment-focused, performance-based strategies and new directions in environmental governance can help us achieve the water quality and healthy economic climate we deserve.

End the ‘Sewer Wars’ — Collaboration and a focus on green infrastructure is the key to solving Milwaukee’s water woes


Summary: Shoreland Development in Wisconsin: Balancing a Healthy Economy with a Healthy Environment

This forum brought together more than 150 conservationists, developers, lake association representatives and government personnel to engage in a dialogue about shoreland development practices.

Clean Clear Waters Checklist


Graphics link to PDF checklist. Checklist is an active forms. Fill out, save to your desktop and attach to an email...

OR — Print two (2) copies of Checklist. Save one copy of the Checklist for your records and mail the original to WEI:

16 North Carroll Street, Suite 840
Madison, WI 53703


On the Pay Pal Donation page, please indicate Clean Clear Waters as the program to which you would like to donate by selecting "Add special instructions to the seller."


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