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Become a Member

Position yourself as a leader in the green building industry and become a member of Green Built Home.

Certify Your Project

Want to certify your new home, remodeling, or multifamily project? It's easy!

Marketing Strategies

Effectively marketing your business as GBH certified is important.

Membership Responsibility

Learn about the responsibilities of GBH members


Read more about Green Built Home and Clean Clear Waters in the new brochure.

News and Updates

Stay up to date on the latest news from the GBH team.

Builders --- Take the Clean Clear Waters Challenge!

Green Built Home Contractors

Green Built Home (GBH) is a national award-winning building initiative that reviews and certifies new homes and remodeling projects that meet sustainable building and energy standards. Since 1997, local builders associations have worked with GBH to certify over 5,000 homes throughout the state.

Why Build Green?

In this sluggish building climate, positioning your company is vital. Certifying your building projects will give your organization a unique edge and valuable benefits, including: 
  • Highlights on the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative Facebook page. We want to show off your projects and successes to our followers and your prospective clients.
  • A listing on WEI’s freshly redesigned website. With a new look, simplified navigation and interactive media, our website attracts over 3,000 unique monthly visitors and you can be sure to expand your company's reach. 
  • Plugs to the press. Excited about a new green building project? As a credible third party verifier, we can help alert local media outlets about your commitment to innovation.
  • Exclusive access to the Green Built Home logo, so your company can promote its standards and commitment to sustainability. 
  • Project registration discounts, so you can continue to provide your services at an affordable price.
  • Individualized technical support from certified verifiers.
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities with building industry members throughout the state.
  • Reduced per house registration: Members save 50% on every registered home. 

How Much Does GBH Certification Cost?

GBH membership fee of $500 per year. Includes:
  • Web Site Listing
  • Marketing Materials
  • GBH Logo use
  • Includes first house certification fee

GBH Member: $100 per home/remodeling project

Non-Member: $250 per home/remodeling project

GBH Multi-Family Projects: 


  • $70 per unit
  • $100 per unit
Home builders and developers -- Register here for the Clean Clear Waters Challenge!